2021 Hidden Wiki update

We have updated the hidden wiki with new v3 .onion links.
Because the old type of links will no longer be supported by the Tor project soon.

Not all .onion websites have changed their URL to the new version yet, so we will continue to add them as soon as they do change their domain.

Why will the old links no longer be supported?

The Tor project will drop support for the old short hidden service domain names because the cryptographic strength of those old domains is no longer good enough, with super computers almost being able to regenerate .onion domains of other people.

For this reason it was time to change to longer keys and longer domain names, which will be secure for the next 50 or 100 years.

What do i have to do?

To browse to new .onion links, all you have to do is use one of the recent versions of the Tor browser.

If you did not update your Tor browser for a very long time, then it is now maybe a good time to make an update.

Otherwise there is nothing you will have to do.

The Hidden Wiki

We at the hidden wiki will continue to provide working .onion links, even after the change to the new style of domain names by the Tor project.

And we will try to provide only the most legit website links, which have a great reputation in the community.

Because other hidden wiki sites sometimes lack this kind of care when it comes to providing those links. So always becareful when trusting other sites listing .onion links, they could be fake.

We hope to provide something that has value to people looking to browse the dark web. If you need more links you can check one of the other link lists we list on top of the hidden wiki.