V3 hidden services

With many people wondering why all the short v2 hidden service domain names stopped working, we will try to explain this in this short but comprehensive article.

So what does an .onion name do?

It will let you connect to a hidden site on the Tor network. But in order for that to work, the hidden site has to authenticate ownership of the hidden sites domain to the Tor network.

Now the problem with the short domain names was, that the cryptographic strength of the underlying math behind them was not strong enough.

The long domain names have a more complex cryptography behind them and are therefore more secure and harder to spoof.

The technology of the Tor network also got upgraded and servers running the v3 domains have a better DDOS protection and other benefits.

The Tor project seems to continue to improve the hidden site network, after years of not doing much to help admins of hidden services to mitigate DDOS attacks or deanonymization attempts.


We switched to a new server again

As you may have noticed, in the recent weeks the website of the Hidden Wiki was not as stable as it used to be.

We have mitigated this and moved the website to a new server with more resources and faster network.

We hope the downtime we had did not cause too much trouble for anyone.

And we will make sure that in the future we keep the site as stable as it was in the past.

We would like to thank our provider for

Some other news about links on the Hidden Wiki

The dark web is constantly changing, and with it the Hidden Wiki.

We therefore decided to drop the old v2 .onion sites from the main page.

Since the last Tor browser update, the old v2 sites are no longer supported and will stop working.

So it makes no sense to list them anymore.

We will instead add more new hidden services in the future, so check back from time to time.



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