New type of hidden service domains and other news

V3 hidden services

With many people wondering why all the short v2 hidden service domain names stopped working, we will try to explain this in this short but comprehensive article.

So what does an .onion name do?

It will let you connect to a hidden site on the Tor network. But in order for that to work, the hidden site has to authenticate ownership of the hidden sites domain to the Tor network.

Now the problem with the short domain names was, that the cryptographic strength of the underlying math behind them was not strong enough.

The long domain names have a more complex cryptography behind them and are therefore more secure and harder to spoof.

The technology of the Tor network also got upgraded and servers running the v3 domains have a better DDOS protection and other benefits.

The Tor project seems to continue to improve the hidden site network, after years of not doing much to help admins of hidden services to mitigate DDOS attacks or deanonymization attempts.


We switched to a new server again

As you may have noticed, in the recent weeks the website of the Hidden Wiki was not as stable as it used to be.

We have mitigated this and moved the website to a new server with more resources and faster network.

We hope the downtime we had did not cause too much trouble for anyone.

And we will make sure that in the future we keep the site as stable as it was in the past.

We would like to thank our provider for

Some other news about links on the Hidden Wiki

The dark web is constantly changing, and with it the Hidden Wiki.

We therefore decided to drop the old v2 .onion sites from the main page.

Since the last Tor browser update, the old v2 sites are no longer supported and will stop working.

So it makes no sense to list them anymore.

We will instead add more new hidden services in the future, so check back from time to time.




2021 Hidden Wiki update

We have updated the hidden wiki with new v3 .onion links.
Because the old type of links will no longer be supported by the Tor project soon.

Not all .onion websites have changed their URL to the new version yet, so we will continue to add them as soon as they do change their domain.

Why will the old links no longer be supported?

The Tor project will drop support for the old short hidden service domain names because the cryptographic strength of those old domains is no longer good enough, with super computers almost being able to regenerate .onion domains of other people.

For this reason it was time to change to longer keys and longer domain names, which will be secure for the next 50 or 100 years.

What do i have to do?

To browse to new .onion links, all you have to do is use one of the recent versions of the Tor browser.

If you did not update your Tor browser for a very long time, then it is now maybe a good time to make an update.

Otherwise there is nothing you will have to do.

The Hidden Wiki

We at the hidden wiki will continue to provide working .onion links, even after the change to the new style of domain names by the Tor project.

And we will try to provide only the most legit website links, which have a great reputation in the community.

Because other hidden wiki sites sometimes lack this kind of care when it comes to providing those links. So always becareful when trusting other sites listing .onion links, they could be fake.

We hope to provide something that has value to people looking to browse the dark web. If you need more links you can check one of the other link lists we list on top of the hidden wiki.



Recent downtime of the hidden wiki in march 2017

On march 2017, the hidden wiki was down for about one month.
We are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused.
We are now working with a new provider and hope to provide you with a good running website with the best deep web links in the future.
We will make some changes in the coming months which will provide you with new and more recent link lists.
Thanks to all frequent visitors who encourage us to continue working on this website and keep it up, while we do not earn anything to cover the server costs.


The Hidden Wiki 2015

The Hidden Wiki 2015


The Deep Web and many sites on the hidden wiki went through alot of trouble in 2014. Many websites got shut down and many new sites were opening.

The Silk Road 2 got taken down but as you can see on http://thehiddenwiki.org/ there are still many markets and vendors operating.

The Hidden Wiki will continue to provide you the best deep web links and darknet site list available.

Your Hidden Wiki Admin


thehiddenwiki.org moved to a new server because of DDOS

The Hidden Wiki downtime


We are sorry for the downtime in the recent weeks, we moved to a new server now which should be alot faster.

Make sure to bookmark thehiddenwiki.org and also share it with your friends so you always got a good entry point for accessing the deep web .onion darknet pages and hidden services on tor browser.


your Hidden Wiki Admin







Silk Road 2 got shut down and owner “Defcon” arrested

Today is a sad day for everyone using the onionland.

Silk Road 2 just got shut down and the owner “Defcon”, real name Blake Benthall, got arrested.

Some key facts:

– Blake Benthall aka Defcon was the operator of SR2 since december 2013, when the SR2’s Dread Pirate Roberts (Not Ross Ulbricht) left SR2.

– The FBI found out the physical location of the SR2 server, by yet unknown means, and had police in some other country make a mirror of the SR2 server.

– Blake was renting the server using his own name, with his own personal email account.

– FBI found evidence that he cashed out over $200k us using exchanges and pre-ordered a Tesla S for $140k us, all using that same email.

– When he was under surveillance, Blake usually left his house or hotel at the same time Defcon logged off the SR2 forums.

– He was using some unusual Browser / OS combo which they found on his laptop and logfiles on SR2 were showing that Defcon was using exactly that combo.


Looks like the SR2 owner was not only not as poethic as Ross Ulbricht (SR1 Owner) but also alot less intelligent, they had alot more hard police work to do to find Ross about a year ago.

The only really interessting thing about this news imho is, how did they find the server?

And who will open SR3 or will the Silk Road brand just vanish with no new Dread Pirate Roberts in seight?



Looks like this could be a big operation with MANY arrests all around the world.

The following sites seem to be confirmed as seized too:


Cloud 9

while Pandora, BlueSky and Alpaca are also down.



BBC Horizon showing thehiddenwiki.org in documentary about the deep web


Nice documentary about the deep web from BBC.

It covers thehiddenwiki.org and the Silk Road and many other topics around the deep web.

Julian Assange and many other prominent people from the cypherpunk cummunity talk about surveillance and countermeassures like encryption and the TOR network.

Privacy, Internet of things and bitcoin are other topics shown and explained. A must watch for every onionland citizen.


Silk Road shutdown, domain seized, DPR arrested :(

Since today http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/ is showing a seized by the FBI page.

Media is reporting Dread Pirate Roberts got arrested:


This is a very sad day for the Silk Road community, The Silk Road will be gone forever after this and who knows if someone else is brave enough to start a new marketplace after Atlantis Marketplace also shut down a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile all that is left are the independent vendors on the Hidden Wiki:


Alternative Link Directories | Hidden Service Urls:






Silk Road Shutdown

Silk Road Domain Seized


Here is a nice sumary of what happened from someone on reddit:

  • This has been a joint operation run the cybercrime squad within the FBI’s New York field office. It involved the FBI, DEA, IRS and Homeland Security’s investigative unit.
  • It’s unstated from when the investigation started, but they received a complete copy of the Silk Road web server on the 23rd of July 2013.
  • This included user account and transaction information. It’s unclear whether or not this covers addresses and other sensitive transaction information.
  • From February 6, 2011 to July 23 2013, 9,519,664BTC was generated in sales, 614,305BTC going directly to DPR in the way of “commissions”. This comes to a total of 1,229,465 transactions.
  • Based on the copy of the site which the FBI received, they believe DPR to have been the sole operator and owner of SR, handling all aspects of the site himself and delegating only user affairs to appointed moderators.
  • In March of this year, a SR user/vendor called “FriendlyChemist” attempted to extort DPR via SR’s private message system, providing proof that he had the names/addresses of thousands of vendors/users after having allegedly hacked a bigger vendor. He demanded $500,000USD, saying that he needed the money to pay off his supplier. DPR then stated that he wished to speak to FriendlyChemist’s supplier.
  • A user called “redandwhite” then proceeded to contact DPR, stating that he was FriendlyChemist’s supplier and also the owner of his debt. DPR then solicited redandwhite to “execute” FriendlyChemist, supplying redandwhite his full name and address. After having agreed on terms, DPR sent redandwhite approximately $150,000USD (1,670BTC) to have FriendlyChemist killed. redandwhite later provided photographic proof of the alleged murder.
  • Investigators could not find any record of somebody in that region being killed around that date or matching that description. This possibly implies that DPR was duped/scammed, but, DPR is also quoted as having told redandwhite the following: “Not long ago, I had a clean hit done for 80k.”
  • DPR has been identified as Ross William Ulbricht.
  • > “He is 29 years old, graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics in 2006. From 2006 to 2010, he attended graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Materials Science and Engineering.”
  • His LinkedIn profile is at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rossulbricht

Now, onto how he got caught…

  • An agent involved in the investigation (“Agent-1”), found the first few references to SR on the internet from somebody only identified as “altoid”, attempting to promote the site in its beginning days, in January of 2011.
  • In October of the same year, a user also going by the name of “altoid” made a posting on Bitcoin Talk titled “a venture backed Bitcoin startup company”, which directed interested users to “rossulbricht at gmail dot com”.
  • That email address is what led to DPR’s downfall.

Ross Ulbricht about himself on Linkedin:

“I love learning and using theoretical constructs to better understand the world around me. Naturally therefore, I studied physics in college and worked as a research scientist for five years. I published my findings in peer reviewed journals five times over that period, first on organic solar cells and then on EuO thin-film crystals. My goal during this period of my life was simply to expand the frontier of human knowledge.

Now, my goals have shifted. I want to use economic theory as a means to abolish the use of coercion and agression amongst mankind. Just as slavery has been abolished most everywhere, I believe violence, coercion and all forms of force by one person over another can come to an end. The most widespread and systemic use of force is amongst institutions and governments, so this is my current point of effort. The best way to change a government is to change the minds of the governed, however. To that end, I am creating an economic simulation to give people a first-hand experience of what it would be like to live in a world without the systemic use of force.”


Botnet still slowing down Tor but situation is getting better

As you can see here

Tor Connections

The number of botnet clients using the Tor network is still around 3.5 million, but the next picture shows that overall network performance is getting better again:

Tor Performance

Browsing .onion sites like the hidden wiki is still slower than usual, and often sites dont load at all.

What you can do is:

1. Dont use .onion.to and other web proxys, install the Tor browser bundle from torproject.org

2. If a site fails to load, hit “new identity” in Tor/Videlia and then refresh the site, after it loaded once its usually working fine.



Check out this new hidden wiki alternative

There is a new site listing .onion hidden services, which contains much higher percentage of working links than the hidden wiki:

OnionDir, located at:


Or with web proxys:



I especially like that you can just copy and paste all the links to some text file to keep some personal bookmarks of tor hidden services.

So far all links seem to be working, which is also a bonus since the hidden wiki is a mess these days since Freedom Hosting went down.

Will OnionDir become the new hidden wiki? We think at least it has the potential to be a nice alternative.

Tell us what you think.

OnionDir Hidden Service Directory