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Change “.onion” to “.onion.to” if you dont have Tor installed, but we really recommend using Tor Browser from http://torproject.org/

Also check out our other Deep Web news at the Hidden Wiki Blog


The Hidden Wiki Main Page
The Hidden Wiki Main Page


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  1. That really sucks, now most Tor hidden services are down, including the Hidden Wiki most people used to find sites.
    I wonder how long it will take to rebuild all the lost hidden services, could take months or years :(

    Here are some more lists of sites which are still working:

  2. last version of tor browser for windows comes without noScript add-on and is based on Firefox 17.0.8 WTF !

  3. Hi All,
    I am new to TOR and Onion networkI am here to get some help so Please help me.I am using TOR Browser bundle and Most of the time I get this error message
    “Tor2web Error: Generic Socks Error
    Sorry, we couldn’t serve the page you requested. Please try again later or use a different tor2web server.” when I try to use onion links.
    What is the problem?and how can I resolve it?.Please help me. Sorry for my bad english
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Read the OP post and use some common sense. The Hidden Wiki and a lot of other TOR sites are down at the moment, perhaps permanently.

  5. i am having problems using the mirrors. Anyone else?

    • Working for me, make sure you use Tor Browser to access them, they will only work in regular browsers if you change the .onion part of the url to some web proxy like onion.to or onion.lu or tor2web.fi

  6. Hello, I am new to Tor and onion. Do I need anything else or just the Tor browser to be safe and anonymous on the .onion sites? And is browsing .onion sites illegal? Thanks in advance for the answers. :)

    • Just the Tor browser will be enough, but make sure to always use the latest version.
      Its not really illegal to browse those sites, depending on your country.

    • Octonon, just make sure you leave the settings at the default values. A lot of sites won’t seem to work as well with Tor and you may be tempted to allow scripts to load. As soon as you do this, you can lose your anonymity.

  7. If I was the hidden wiki admin I would have shut it down to get rid of it from my computer just to be sure. What says that this was an arrest?

  8. Please, where is ANY proof that the shutdown is permanent?
    HW was down in the past, probably just having some technical issues, or a DDOS attack (Happened in the near past)… please stop this nonsense about arresting and things, or show some proof of it.
    I’m sure the HW will be back in a few days.

  9. Whatever happens… here is the link to the Uncensored Hidden Wiki, which born when the modwars started.

    Hope it helps!

  10. The Uncensore Hidden Wiki seems to be down too.

  11. Hmm, it’s working for me.

  12. As of OPVA2 for example started using alert boxes to double confirm your login you can guess that that site also has been compromised for 1-2 weeks before getting shut down permanently.
    Regular users of such sites should take the necessairy steps. HDD encryptions doesnt cut it. Most countries will just put you in jail until you give your password. Innocent or not.

  13. Tor sucks right now, I am not interested in hidden services but yet I couldn’t even browse using tor unlike last time I used it few weeks ago.

    I guess people are getting paranoid while botnets are trying to be l33t by attacking major nodes.

  14. down again? howl hidden services are down. waz up? we get war?

  15. whwere i can accsess OPVA site ?

  16. some news – Marques, Freedom Hosting and the FBI

    09.13.13 – FBI Admits It Controlled Tor Servers Behind Mass Malware Attack


  17. im triying to find pages about ”satanism” and ”ocultism” but some directions doesnt work,. you know some? please tell me

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